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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my child is absent during Photo Week?

At the end of our process, we determine which children were absent and still need to be photographed. We then determine which day most children are in attendance and book one catch up day for your centre. Any children who are still missed at that point will receive a 100% refund. Unfortunately we do not photograph kinder group shots on our catch up day. You will receive an email and/or text from us notifying you when your catch up photos will be. 

For the health and safety of our team, the children and educators at your centre, please do not send unwell children that would otherwise be resting at home just because it is their photo day.

What style of photos do you take and what can I expect my gallery to be like?

Our galleries are designed to showcase to you the types of activities your child participates in at care. These images are a reflection of their time exploring their learning spaces. Our images are a mixture of smiling portraits and images showing your child interacting in play based activities. All children participate in their photoshoot in their own unique way.​ We cannot guarantee that every image will be of your child smiling at the camera. For example, it is very unnatural for your child to draw us a picture and for us to then interupt them to ask them to pose for us. We cannot guaratee there will be no other children blurred in the background of your images.

Will you photograph my child every day you are at the centre?

No, we will advise you which day your child will be photographed. Your child will only be photographed on that day.

Can I send clothes for my child to wear?

If you wish for your child to be photographed in special clothes, please have your child dressed and ready for photos in clothes that you are happy for them to be photographed in. However, please also pack another bag of clean special clothes that we can change your child into should their clothes become dirty before we get to photograph them.


Whilst all effort is made, we cannot guarantee that educators can change your child's clothes prior to being photographed due to adhering to ratios and DET legislations.


Please note: Clothing that is hard for your child to easily move in such as fancy dresses, short skirts & suits may look cute, however with this style of photography it limits your child's ability to relax and enjoy their time with us.

Please note: we do not offer multiple clothing changes. Your child will be photographed in only one set of clothes. 


Please rest assured we make sure all children have clean faces and clothes (where available).

We cannot guarantee your child's hair is styled in any certain way. Children are required to wear hats when playing outside and once removed we cannot guarantee their hair will remain as you sent them to care. We will naturally tidy up hair as required and are led by educator discretion for styled hair.


No refunds or reshoots will be available due to hair of clothes.

Will you take sibling images?

All sibling packages automatically include a sibling portrat to be taken. You do not need to request this or order it separately.

Help! I missed the registration deadline but want my child to be photographed!

Children registered prior to the Sunday 5pm cut off will receive a text and email notifying you of their day they will be photographed. If you miss the cut off, you can still register online or via a registration envelope. We will then slot your child into our schedule. Please be prepared for your child to be photographed on any day without receiving notice.

How will I receive my printed and digital images?

Our team selects the best photos of your child and we deliver those images printed and/or via a digital download link. Digital files will be delivered via email. Kinder group shots are delivered printed and are not available as a digital file. We do not send you a gallery of images to select photos from. We do not photoshop your child's face.

What if my child has additional needs? Will you still photograph them?

Absolutely! We often have parents of children with additional needs concerned about asking us to photograph their children. Please rest assured, we are absolutely happy and comfortable to photograph all personalities. If your child has additional needs and you are concerned or they receive medication at certain times of the day and you feel they would participate more comfortably at a certain time of day, just lodge a query here. But otherwise register them and we will deliver beautiful photos to you. 

Do you have any special offers?

Families with more than 1 child registered receive discounts for additional children. 

Separated families who wish to purchase a second copy of their photo album please purchase a Gift Pack. This is also a great gift idea for grandparents.

Do you take group photos?

In childcare centres we take group photos of 4yr old kindergarten children only. This is however at the discretion of your childcare provider.

We do not take group shots of younger age groups due to the complex nature of the process.


We take 3yr old & 4yr old kindergarten group shots at sessional kindergartens only. If you do not wish for your child to be photographed in the group shot, please contact your centre.


Due to privacy we cannot supply this image in a digital format. 

How do I contact you if I have a problem?
Contact us for anything at all by lodging a query here. This is the fastest way to get a response from our customer service team.

How can I see what stage our photo are at?
Click here to see what status your centres photos are at.

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